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Ancient Eastern Arts

      I was at the library today (they were giving away free ice cream and I enjoyed some) and while searching out a book, I noticed a book with an interesting picture on the cover. I pulled it out and had to giggle (a grown boy, giggling. imagine that). I flipped through the pages and snickered, finding the very notion of this book to be quite humorous. However, I noted that in some of the pictures, the fine method of touching and application of pressure caught my interested. I had to imagine just how the recipient would react to this form of pleasure.

      I checked the book out and took it home, read the book more thoroughly, personally impressed at the use of an art form that originated in the East for such a pleasant manner. I promised myself that I would find myself a partner and share what this book has to offer.

      I need to find me a cat. Yes. I intend to try these out on a cat. Surely there is a cat that would love to be on the receiving end of this magnificent series of exercises. I will find that cat and that cat will be like putty in my hands.

      But wait. Why should I be the only one that benefits from this knowledge? Should I not also share this with my friends? Should they not have the pleasure of practicing this Eastern art form on their feline companions? I shouldn't be so selfish. I must share with you, my friends, something that is sure to change the lives of you and your cat. Click the link below and see what pleasure can be found for all of you. Won't you click that link now?


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