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First off, sorry for cross posting ^^;; and second off sorry for not introducing myself first, that'll come soon ^^;;;;; (and sorry for apologising so much *giggle*) But I just wanted to announce something that I'm very proud of; for this year's Otakon I will be cosplaying a lolita interpretation of Hikaru (Magic Knights Rayearth) in her begining school outfit, buuuut in neko form! n____n I hope to post picture's when it's done. (I'll be dressing as her for Friday and Sunday. Etna from Disgaea will be my Saturday costume ~^) I was searching for a good person to neko-tize, and if you've watched the show you see that sometimes cat ears pop up when she goes chibi. Perfect! hehehe...ok... ^^;;;;; just wanted to share. *nervous grin* Any suggestions or stuff are most welcome. :) Ack, sorry I blabbed so much. ^^;;;;;;;;;;; baibai
-+Love Luck and Loli Pops+-
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